What if we treated anti-maskers like LGBT people were treated during the AIDS crisis in the 80s?

They meet every day. In your town, in your city, not just under the cover of night, but sometimes in broad daylight. They’re on public transport. They’re in stores and workplaces. Don’t be fooled — these people are everywhere.

So-called “anti-maskers” are at the forefront of the new plague. They have no interest in protecting innocent citizens. Sometimes you see them gather somewhere, you know of them, you hear their loud music. They aren’t even trying to hide. Bare-faced and laughing, they do not seem to understand what it is that they’re doing. The punishment for their crimes? Coronavirus.

These people are NOT victims. They’re MURDERERS.

It’s hard to believe that there are people out there who will get physically close to one another, gather, dozens of them, in closed rooms, share meals and drinks — but they exist. Unfortunately, they are not keeping to themselves. You, your neighbours, your children, are not safe from their filthy aerosols. They are spreading the sickness indiscriminately these days, without a care for their fellow humans’ health and wellbeing. The anti-masker might be forced to wear a mask in some situations, but they have not yet been forced to disclose what their behaviour is like when regulations fail to control them. There is no way of knowing who might be a part of that group. It could be your brother, your child, your spouse. Now is the time for the anti-maskers to own up to what they have been doing. Now is the time to find these criminals!

Round them up!

The only solution to this issue would be to make them identify one another and isolate them from society at large. The history of epidemics has shown that to keep the plague from spreading, we need to legitimise obligatory examinations, isolation and segregation. As the group that poses the highest risk, anti-maskers should be removed from public life as thoroughly as possible. Eventually, if we had the means, the current development might necessitate testing the entire population. But if we managed to seclude anti-maskers, nature could run its course. Not only would coronavirus die out faster, it would also mean that the people who are a menace to society (who sometimes manage to survive the sickness) would not have a chance to return. Furthermore, it would set an example for those on the verge of being corrupted by the anti-mask ideology; it would show them that one way or another, refusing to wear a mask ends in death.

Their contagious lifestyle: the real pandemic!

Realistically speaking, there are two pandemics going on right now: COVID and the dangerous agenda of the anti-maskers. They don’t just keep their perversions to themselves anymore, it has been known for a while now that they’re getting better at convincing innocent people of being lax about coronavirus regulations. They lie about their activities to convince others to spend time with them. You can find them spitting in the street, blowing their noses, and coughing as they walk through crowded areas. They blatantly ignore what policitians, organisations and medical professionals are saying. The consensus among doctors and nurses: “No one is safe. Anti-maskers have infiltrated what were previously considered to be safe, healthy environments.”

What can you do to protect yourself and your family?

We’re living in desperate times. It seems like there is not much we can do to protect ourselves, barring action on a state level. If you’re wanting to turn to faith, here’s a statement we got from an inner-city priest: “I’ve always said that God will punish the wicked and that it is not on us to pass judgement. In this case, however, everyone has to tread carefully. The wicked are spinning an ever-tighter web. God is not about to smite them. He’s testing us. Be steadfast, or fall with the damned.” It seems that for once, science and religion are on the same page. Don’t trust anyone. Next time you see someone with their mask just under their nose, report them. If you have suspicions about someone, even a loved one, report them. It’s the only thing you can do.

This article was inspired by Jonas Gardell’s book series “Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar” (“Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves”), which follows a group of gay men during the AIDS crisis in Stockholm in the 1980s. It is not advocating for anything but equality and compliance with current coronavirus regulations. Stay safe! Aldrig ger vi upp!

MA in literature, always trying to write any way I can. Passionate, somewhere between bookish recluse and reckless Beatnik.

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